Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Department
குறு, சிறு மற்றும் நடுத்தரத் தொழில் நிறுவனங்கள் துறை

  • 35% capital subsidy ( Not exceeding Rs 1.5 crore) on eligible project cost
  • Project cost include land, plant, machinery, testing equipment and computing devices with cost of land not exceeding 20% of project cost. Vehicles shall be considered if it integral to the business process
  • 6% interest subvention for loans to procure machinery and equipment during the tenure of loan not exceeding 10 years. Interest subvention will be upfront and given to banks
  • Working capital sanctioned for the project shall be eligible for interest subvention for a period not exceeding 2 years
  • Cover projects without credit linkage also and in such cases capital subsidy will be released back ended
  • No bar on beneficiary to claim additional capital subsidy from schemes operated by agencies not controlled by Govt. of Tamil Nadu
  • Beneficiaries belonging to SC/ST communities (100% owned by SC/ST persons)
  • Covering new and expansion of existing enterprises
  • Covering Trading related projects which are above the threshold of assistance under the existing Unemployed Youth Employment Generation programme
  • Beneficiaries shall be with age limit of 55 years
  • No minimum educational qualification
  • Application shall be filed through online only  msmeonline.tn.gov.in/aabcs/