Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Department
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  • The objective is to incentivise MSMEs to implement the recommendations of the Energy Audit Report and to optimize the energy consumption leading to energy saving and money saving in electricity bills.
  • Eligibility - All manufacturing MSMEs in the state which have undertaken energy audit and have achieved atleast 15% energy savings in terms of number of units of energy consumed per unit of product manufactured.
  • 25 % of the cost of the eligible components, subject to a Maximum limit of Rs.2,00,000/-.
  • MSMEs have to apply to DIC/ RJD, Chennai only after three months from the date of implementation of Energy Audit recommendations but within one year from the date of implementation of Energy Audit recommendation.
  • MSMEs shall apply to the DIC/ RJD, Chennai of the respective district in the prescribed format -II
  • Investments made after the energy audit alone will be eligible for subsidy.
  • The percentage of savings in specific energy consumption (KWh/Kcal per unit of product ) shall be reckoned on twelve month average energy consumption prior to implementation of energy audit recommendation and minimum three month average after the implementation of the recommendation of Energy audit.
  • The subsidy will be released to the MSME after implementing the recommendations in the Energy Audit Report and duly certified by the energy auditor.
  • If the unit availed loan for the purpose of energy audit, the subsidy will be released to the bank to adjust in the loan account if the loan is in currency.


  • All micro, small and medium service enterprises
  • Micro, Small and Medium Manufacturing enterprises which have availed similar subsidy for the same purpose from any other State or Central Government Department/ Agency.